A Palazzo in Sitia

The listed building that houses Palazzo di Sitia, dates back to the beginning of the  20th century. It has been extensively restored to reflect its former glory and has been transformed into a state-of-the-art collection of luxurious adults only suites, each one decorated with a different aesthetic approach.

Pallazzo di Sitia is characterized for its exceptional finesse and significant aesthetic value. The wood, the elaborate handmade tiles, the painted ceilings and the custom-made unique furniture create an environment of high-end elegance and meaningful luxury.

Having maintained the building and interiors as close as possible to the original structure, Palazzo di Sitia is an ode to Sitias’ early 20th century architecture.

Live the experience; connect with the past and experience modern luxury. A historic building with a modern service experience and panoramic water views guarantees a holiday that will be forever remembered.

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